domingo, 18 de enero de 2009


The man who lives beetwen us is a policeman.
My butcher is a person who I speak about food.
I saw a women who can speak seven languages.
I know a person who play the piano very fast.
My sister lives in a city which ther are many restaurants.
Gill has a house that is 100 years old.


My brother built this flat two years ago.
This flat was built two years ago.

Daniel cleans his room every sunday.
His room is cleaned every sunday.

I prepare my breakfast.
My breakfast is prepared.

My mother was reading a newspaper yesterday.
The newspaper was readed by my mother yesterday.

Last monday I visited a friend of my.
A friend of my was visited last monday.

viernes, 9 de enero de 2009


Elena said "i'm tired"
Elena said that she was tired.

My friend said "I haven't money"
My friend said that he hadn't money.

"I like this horse", said my mother
My mother said that she liked this horse.

"You can eat here" said peter
Peter said that we could eat here.

"We played in the garden yesterday" said the boy
The boy said that they had played in the garden.

"I have been your boss", David told Anna
David told Anna that he had been her boss.

"I will help you in your homework" said Adam
Adam said that he would help in his homework.

"I'm in Barcelona today" said Esther
Esther said that she was in Barcelona that day.

"Is there a television? asked Dennis
Dennis asked if he there was a television.

"Please pass me the salat"
Teresa told me to pass her the salat.